• Doing the tutorial the first time will solve the first puzzle. Some might consider that this ruins the game, so you might want to skip it and figure it out yourself.
  • In the beginning, put one villager on each task. As time progresses, focus on research over all else. (Unless you’re running low on food, that is.
  • Buy level 2 farming first, level 2 engineering second, then keep your population under 15. With that, make two villagers farmers. Then spend all your tech points on research until you hit level 3. After that, go for level 3 farming. Once that’s taken care of you can expand your population and research the rest. But make sure you have puzzle 2, 3, 4, and 7 solved.
  • Don’t stockpile mass amounts of food in the beginning when food is limited – events could happen that wipe out half your stores.
  • The skills of your villagers are heritable, but the likes and dislikes are NOT. Thus, a villager who loves to run is not more likely to have children who love to run. (Don’t we wish.)
  • Run the game at 1/2 speed if you don’t check it a lot.
  • Running at normal time, one hour is two years.
  • Don’t go searching for walkthroughs for this game – they will invariably ruin the game for you. Just keep researching and experiment with dropping differently skilled villagers on different parts of the map each time you buy a new level of technology.

Virtual Villagers 2 Review